Malvern Heliflyers


Flying times are 7pm to 9pm



We fly a wide range of electric helicopters, including T-Rex 450, Trex 250, Mini Titan's and a wide range of Blade helicopters.

Being indoors we can fly, no matter what the weather is outside.


We have all skill levels, from learning to hover to guys with years of experience.

Learn new skills at your own rate or get instruction if you would like.

Based in Malvern, Worcestershire, the indoor helicopter club is easy to reach from Worcester and the surrounding areas.

We have the space for everyone to fly in their own space, which makes learning so much easier. 


Malvern Heli flyers welcome everyone keen to fly indoor RC helicopters. We fly all types of helicopter from the micro up to 450 size.

Whatever your skill level from learning to hover or years of experience you'll be very welcome.

Help for beginners with set-up advice and flight instruction is always available.


Fly indoor R/C helicopters